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Third Level Category:

24ft Free Standing Panel


24ft Calf Shelter


24ft Galvanized Super Steel

$75/ sheet

3 Peice Super Round Bale Feeder


Tarter 3 Peice Heavy Duty Bale Hay Feeder


Single Bale Feeder


Double Bale Feeder


20ft Bottomless Bunks


Feed Bunk


20ft 5 Bar Continuous Fence

1-1/4"  - $110.00

2"  -        $160.00

24ft Free Standing Panel


WW Express Portable Corral System

Standard - $14,500 ( Rent $200.00/Day)

Plus 3  - $15,500

Filson Calf Table

Back in Stock


20ft Feeder Wagon


Tarter Circular Maternity Pen


Filson Hyraulic Squeeze Chute


WaterMatic 1000

Up to 275 cattle and 135 dairy

WaterMatic 300

Up to 125 Cattle, 125 Horses, and 60 Dairy

WaterMatic 150

Up to 40 cattle, 40 horses, and 100 sheep

Omni 10 Automatic Waterer

Up to 275 beef cattle or 135 dairy cattle

Omni 5 Automatic Waterer

Up to 150 beef cattle or 75 dairy cows

Omni 3 Automatic Waterer

Up to 100 beef cattle or 50 dairy cattle

Omni 2 Automatic Waterer

Up to 40hd of cattle and horses

160 Bushel Creep Feeder w/ Panels


Feed Through Panels


Priefert Calf Table

Retail: $1,299.00
Sale:   $1,099.00

24ft Free Standing Windbreak


Bottomless Feed Bunks


Double Bale Feeder


24ft Free Standing Panel

2 3/8" Pipe
3/4" Rod


Round Bale Feeder

Heavy Duty Pipe

Tarter Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

New Tarter Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

CattleMaster 12 Series

3 lever hydraulic control for headgate, tailgate and squeeze; Adjustable neck extenders; Three hinged, removable side access panels on both sides of chute; removable kick pan; side exit

WW Hydraulic Chute with Palp Cage

W-W Hydraulic Chute with Palp Cage

Boom controls, XL Body, 50/50 milk doors, head bender, head & tailgate hyd adjust top & bottom

Feed Bunks


Pasture Horse Feeder


Pasture Horse Feeder

This feeder features a sturdy double tub poly liner and a hay rack. The legs are powder-coated over galvanized tubing for extra durability

Bunk Feeder with Slide-In Poly Liner

This all-metal 10’ feeder features a powder-coated tubular steel frame. This single sheet tub with rolled edges is galvanized and powder-coated

Bunk Feeder with Slide-In Poly Liner

This feeder has a replaceable polyurethane slide-in liner. The steel frame features galvanized legs that are protected by a powder coat finish

Tombstone Feeder

This line is ideal for feeding round bales of hay to your horses.

Heavy Duty Skirted Round Bale Feeder

This line is ideal for feeding round bales of hay to your cows, calves and bulls.

Bull Gates


Bull Gates


Bull Gates


Bull Gates


Bull Gates


Rough Stock Panels


Rough Stock Panels


Rough Stock Panels


Rough Stock Panels


Premier Panels


Premier Panels


Premier Panels


Utility Panels


The Model 91 headgate is our most popular headgate. No other product invented by the Priefert family has had more of an impact on the cattle industry.


Designed for use with the Model SC13, the HG10 headgate can be operated in manual mode or switched to automatic mode by simply engaging a push pin lock

Squeeze Chute

Priefert’s number one selling squeeze chute of all time, the S04 has everything to help make cattle working safer, quicker, and easier than ever before.

Squeeze Chute

Bigger, heavier, and with more features than any other chute on the market, the SC13 is the ultimate cattle working machine. It includes the HG10 manual/automatic headgate