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Used Tarter Fully Automatic Roping Chute


Manual Roping Chute

Priefert’s most popular chute, the easy fingertip touch release and spring assisted opening ensures that every roper gets the same release of the calf or steer.

Pole Bending Poles

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Roping Arena Kit

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Riding Arena Kit

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Alley Stops

Chute Help's dual alley stops are perfect for any cattle working system. The steer or calf has less distance to travel before the alley stop springs back behind them, preventing them from backing up. They are powder coated and adjustable by height.

No Stop 90

The No Stop 90 guides steers and calves and allows them to change directions without seeing an endpoint. There is a larger space between the top and second rail to allow the roper to easily horn wrap the steers. The No Stop 90 is built out of high quality 14-gauge steel. Chain gussets attach to any existing lead-up attachments

Straight Lead Up

The Chute Help Straight Lead Ups transition your roping cattle into a singl file line to prevent double loading. There is a larger space between the top and second rail to allow the roper to easily horn wrap the steers. Every Chute Help Straight Lead Up comes equipped with dual alley stops to prevent the steer or calf from backing out.

Easy Exit Stripping Chute

Dual Alley Stops,    Chute Help Steer Guides prevents the animal from sudden movements and keep their horns up, Side Exit Gates (left or right available),   Easy Latching

Fully Automatic Roping Chute

No Electricity or Compressed Air Required, Self-Loading Ability,  Operated by a Simple One/Two Button Remote or by Hand,  Low Maintenance, Saves Time and Installation Costs,  Solar Panel Helps Extend the Life of the 12v Battery, Easy Clean Out

Electric Roping Chute with Remote Headgate

Offers the same great features as the Manual Chute but offers a single button remote headgate.

  • Has a 12V solar power system allowing it to be put anywhere without the need of an air compressor or electric 110V.
  • Headgate can be operated via manual release lever, on-board push button or from remote on horseback.
  • Features  durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

  • ArenaMaster™

    A well-conditioned arena enhances performance and decreases the chance of injury.
    Priefert’s ArenaMaster is the perfect tool for keeping your arena groomed



    Steer Alley Kit

    Designed to work with our Steer Alley Panels, this kit includes the components needed for making a 90 degree turn in your lead-up alley

    Steer Alley Kit

    This 8’ section of partially-sheeted alley narrows to 14 inches at the bottom, allowing to be run in the alley without fear of them turning around

    Stripping Chute


    Solar Powered Roping Chute

    This state-of-the-art solar-powered roping chute requires no electrical cords or air lines, just the sun. A simple remote control operates the front release gates

    Fully Automatic Score Chute

    The Ultimate Training Tool, Priefert’s Score chute features an interior neck gate that allows you to practice “scoring” your horse without burning through steers.

    Fully Automatic Roping Chute

    This remote-controlled chute is ideal for the practice arena because it virtually eliminates the need for extra chute help. The push of a button operates the chute