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Hybrid X Inline Wrapper Equipment Image

Hybrid X Inline Wrapper



The Hybrid X XtractorTM is designed with advanced Flex Hoop technology which allows you to wrap round or square bales. The exclusive feature of Flex Hoop technology ensures equally wrapped corners for square bales as well as precise round bale wrapping. For improved speed and maximum power, it equipped with a 20 HP Honda engine. The XtractorTM (advanced patented automatic push-off system) is unique to Anderson wrappers, allows for quick, safe and hassle-free push off from the last bale. The Plastic Watch system automatically stops the wrapping process as soon as one stretcher runs out of plastic or the plastic breaks ensuring perfect wrapping of your bales for protection against the elements. Increased wrapping speed is attained with 4 independent world class aluminum stretcher  system. Replace your rolls of film less often and increase  wrapping speed. The remote control allows you to steer the wrapper and start or stop the engine with a simple press of a button without having to leave the tractor seat, thus, reducing down time.

Round bale maximum diameter  5’ 6’’ 
Round bale length up to 5’ (1.50 m)