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3 Point/Gooseneck ( 5th Wheel) Adapter  Equipment Image

3 Point/Gooseneck ( 5th Wheel) Adapter

Johnson MFG


The 3 point adapter can save you hundreds of dollars in repair expense, downtime, and unneeded abuse to your pickup when your tractor can easily pull the trailer through the snow, mud or off-road conditions.

  1. The 3 point adapter is built heavy-duty for rugged off-road use!
  2. Comes complete with a 2 5/16" ball,  1 1/4" shank &  3 hardened pins for your 3 point.
  3. Has accommodations for a 1 7/8" ball, 2" ball, or a pin-hitch to pull bumper hitch trailers.
  4. The 3 point adapter will also fit Quicktach hitches.

Now equipped with receiver tube for bumper pull trailers