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Woodys Senior Feed Feed and Mineral Image

Woodys Senior Feed

Woodys Performance Horse Feeds

$15.85 / 50lb Bag

  • The basis on a need for a Senior Feed is not set soley on age.  At some point, your horse may encounter reduced digestive syndrome, which occurs at differing ages in horses- some at 15 years, some not until 25 years.  You'll notice your old friend going downhill, or looking shelly, with loose stools or hard little apples.  They may be suffering from reduced digestive disorder and need to be switched from a conventional  high starch diet to an easier to digest high fiber diet.  This is the time for Woody's Senior.

The high fiber of Woody's Senior is derived from beet pulp and alfalfa, and slows down the digestive tract, allowing the horse to utilize all of the nutrients, thus eliminating problems associated with reduced digestive function.  Don't be afraid to challenge an old horse with 15+ pounds per day, he'll respond!  Some horses get bored eating that much pelleted feed, so mix it 50-50 with Summer Heat (a beet pulp based feed).  Let his body condition and pretty apples tell you he's doing fine!

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