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Smarty Extreme Rodeo Image

Smarty Extreme



LED Lights: The LED lights on the back of the legs are a feature that was designed to help ropers see when the leg are at the highest point of the jump and helps keep their eyes on the target. This is one of the key points the Extreme has to offer when it comes to mastering your timing. The Smarty Extreme comes with a battery and a charger for the LED light system.

Full Dally: Dallying is just like live cattle in the sense that the legs come together and stretch up to six feet between the tow bar and the legs.

Realistic Corner: The tires were designed to create a pivoting action that gives you a realistic corner. The durable tires are solid and guaranteed to never go flat.

Multi Use: The Smarty Extreme is not just a heeling machine. The realistic head design and size makes it a headers go to machine as well. The turn loose horns make it easy to rope with just two people.

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