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Smarty the Steer Rodeo Image

Smarty the Steer



Real Feel Legs: they are solid and have the same texture as a steer.  When your rope hits the legs, they feel and sound authentic.
Realistic Horns: feels more like a steer than anything else when you rope and dally.
Easy to Pull: rides on wide skis and is light-weight so that your ATV doesn't take the wear and tear you would get with heavier machines.
3 in 1: Take the Smarty body off and rope it on the ground. It was designed as a ground dummy so that it' all you need for your practice sessions.  Heelers can rope the legs like a saw horse once the body is removed.
Full Dally: The Smarty's legs come together and pull back like a real steer. The combination of the expanding hitch and legs mimic the jerk you get in a live run. This feature is great for training horses and perfecting your dally.
Facing Advantage: The Smarty's horns aren't your normal turn-loose horns. They release the conventional way but headers can make a full run too.  When the header faces the rope will pop off from the front, which in turn gets horses facing like you didn't know was possible.

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