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W-W   EZ-Lift Equipment Image

W-W EZ-Lift

W-W Livestock


The HD EZ-LIFT is the safest way to load, transport and unload heavy items with the use of a hydraulic hay bale bed.

This product was designed to eliminate the need for ramps, driving at an incline/decline, and dismounting the recreation vehicle on a trailer or truck bed.  All loading and unloading takes place at the ground level and the hydraulic hay bale bed arms do all of the heavy lifting while the user is safe on the ground.  While it is primarily used to transport ATV's, you can place anything that will safely ride on the HD EZ-LIFT.  We have seen people place tools, fencing supplies, equipment, livestock feed, mineral tubs for cattle, and lumber on the HD EZ-LIFT.  The possibilities are truly endless!  No more lifting heavy items to place on your flat bed, simply slide it on the HD EZ-LIFT and let the bale bed arms pick it up to place on the bed.

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Overall Dimensions
  • 75" Long
  • 71" Wide
  • 32-1/2" Tall
Loading Dimensions
  • Up to 60" wide
  • Up to 60" wheelbase Length