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Priefert Manual Roping Chute Rodeo Image

Priefert Manual Roping Chute




  • All Priefert roping chutes are specifically engineered to be as quiet as possible. The unique braking system used to control the front release gate is set to virtually eliminate noise prevalent with competitor chutes.
  • The improved breaking system on the RC19 model reduces the need for manual adjustment to keep the break working as intended over time.
  • The front release breaking system also “deadens” the gate as it pops to the fully open position, with no backlash to potentially cause the steer/calf to hesitate upon exit.
  • A quiet opening chute is important so that horses can be properly trained to cue off the rider’s command and not by the sound of banging head gates.
  • The easy fingertip touch release and spring assisted opening ensures that every roper gets the same release of the steer or calf. The squeeze action virtually eliminates the possibility of a chute operator accidentally releasing a steer or calf before it is called for by the roper.
  • The new touch release always requires the same amount of pressure to operate, regardless of any pressure inside the chute from a steer or calf pushing on the front gate.
  • This chute features two “reset levers,” one on each side of the chute. Simply push one of the reset levers toward the back of the chute to reset the front release gate. Then, return the lever to its original forward position before releasing the next animal.
  • The RC19M features contoured sides that narrow at the bottom to discourage animals from turning around in the chute.
  • With a 14” inside width at the bottom, this chute can be used for both steers and calves.
  • The bottom of the chute is sheeted to reduce the possibility of leg injuries.
  • The bottom sides of the chute are constructed from galvanized sheet metal to provide an additional layer of protection against rust or corrosion.
  • The spilt tailgate opens from either side of the chute and operates without ropes, pulleys or knee-knocking levers.
  • The RC19M features an improved linkage system to allow for an even longer lasting chute by reducing pressure on pivot points during each open/clos