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T&S P-826 Trip Hopper Livestock Image

T&S P-826 Trip Hopper

T&S P-826 Trip Hopper

T&S Trip Hopper

T&S P-826 Trip Hopper

750 lbs capacity – 24″x72″x40″ (w/l/h)


Truck model feeders may be mounted in the back of a pickup, or they can be mounted across a flatbed. All of these feeders work the same way. The trailer is powered by the small wheel being engaged against the ground wheel. The truck model feeder is powered by a 12 volt motor that runs off the truck battery. These are not starter motors. These 12 volt motors are Constant Duty and are C-Face bolted to an oil bath gear reducer. They run for power and not speed. All wiring, switch and the complete counter assembly come with each feeder.

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