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Priefert ArenaMaster™  Rodeo Image

Priefert ArenaMaster™




A well-conditioned arena enhances performance and decreases the chance of injury.
Priefert’s ArenaMaster is the perfect tool for keeping your arena groomed.

Priefert’s ArenaMaster™ eliminates expensive hydraulics and allows operators to break packed ground, pulverize clumps of dirt, and leave consistent footing; often in a single pass. Offset rows of S-tines provide multiple points for ground breaking efficiency and to minimize large clods. Penetration depth can be regulated by changing the tractor’s top link, lift control height, and/or the ArenaMaster’s™ leveling bar adjustment. The leveling bar also aids in the breaking clods, leveling high spots, and filling in holes. The trailing “Clump Buster” further pulverizes dirt clods and packs the sub-surface for consistent footing; it also fluffs the top layer of dirt to ensure a smooth surface, suitable for any practice or competitive arena.

  • Overall Width: 6'