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EcoFount 2

Up to 60 Horses

EcoFount 1

Up to 30 Horses

WaterMatic 1000

Up to 275 cattle and 135 dairy

WaterMatic 300

Up to 125 Cattle, 125 Horses, and 60 Dairy

WaterMatic 150

Up to 40 cattle, 40 horses, and 100 sheep

Omni 10 Automatic Waterer

Up to 275 beef cattle or 135 dairy cattle

Omni 5 Automatic Waterer

Up to 150 beef cattle or 75 dairy cows

Omni 3 Automatic Waterer

Up to 100 beef cattle or 50 dairy cattle

Omni 2 Automatic Waterer

Up to 40hd of cattle and horses

Three Piece Horse Hay Feeder with Loop Legs-Red


160 Bushel Creep Feeder w/ Panels


Tarter Landscape Rake

Ordering Options Available 

Tarter Arena Groomer


Manual Roping Chute


USED Aladian 1370 Pressure Washer


Priefert RTX Rotary Tiller


Feed Through Panels


Pole Bending Poles


Priefert Calf Table


Sure Stand Grass/Alfalfa Seeder

On Order!

Roping Arena Kit

Contact For Price

Riding Arena Kit

Contact For Price

2018 Merritt 7x32 Livestock Trailer


Alley Stops


No Stop 90


Straight Lead Up

8'    - $900
10'  - $1090
12'  -$1,250

Easy Exit Stripping Chute


Fully Automatic Roping Chute


Wheatheart High & Heavy Hitter Post Pounders


New 2018 Models

For sale & rent

24ft Free Standing Windbreak


Self-Loading Carrier


Single Bale Wrapper


Hybrid X Inline Wrapper


Truck Water Caddy


Half Moon Upright Water Caddy

    Half Moon Upright Water Caddy allows you to take 48 Gallons of fresh water with you on your next road trip and will fit in most trailers against a flat wall. We manufacture it with FDA approved Polyethylene so the water is safe for you and your animals to drink. Translucent poly allows you to easily check water levels in the tank. Fill cap is located on the very top middle of the water tank. Two molded in aluminum 3/4" drain inserts ensure the drain attachment spot will never break, sun rot or fail. Two 3/4" shut off valves included. The top shut off valve allows for filling a bucket with out needing to attach a hose. The bottom shut off valve allows for draining all of the water from this tank. The strap kit provided make installation quick and easy

8 ft Hose Kit For Hay Rack

Replacement hose kit for Hayrack Water Caddies. Consists of 8' hose, two tie down straps, four zip ties for attaching the hose to your trailer securely and one shut off drain valve.

** Note hose is WHITE!

Half Moon Hay Rack Water Caddy

Half Moon Hayrack Water Caddy allows you to take 48 Gallons of fresh water with you on your next road trip and fits most standard Hayracks. We manufacture it with FDA approved Polyethelene so the water is safe for you and your animals to drink. Transulcent poly allows you to see easily check water levels in the tank. The aluminum 3/4 in. drain insert ensures the drain attachment spot will never break, sunrot or fail. Each tank comes with an 8 ft hose kit and 3/4 in. shut off valve for easy ground level draining and refilling. It can also be filled using the fill cap located on top of the tank as well as a vent cap for increased draining or filling speed. Two straps are provided but it HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you secure water caddies with tie-down ratchets to prevent movement from side to side while traveling.

Maintenece/Farrier Stand

The Maintenance Farrier Stand allows you to easily perfrom Farrier duties with less weight on your back. It supports the hoof for daily maintenance such as treatment, bandaging and polishing. The steel drop pin allows the stand to be adjusted to four heights, ranging from 17-25 1/2". A powerful magnet is located on each side of the post for holding shoeing nails, shoes or other tools at the ready. One rubber cradle and one rubber post come with the unit. Wide base and heavy steel design will keep the Farrier Stand upright and functioning for many years of use. Heavy Duty diamond plate finish.

Feed Bin With Stand

Conveniently stores 270 lbs of feed products while eliminating feed contamination and rodent infestation. Also excellent for storing Wood Pellets. The hinged lid lifts up allowing feed product to be poured in and the slide hatch at the bottom slides opens to drain feed products. This design means your feeder is autorotating your feed for you and ensuring it doesn't expire. The slide hatch has a wingnut lock that when engaged won't allow the hatch to slide up or down. A five gallon bucket easily slides underneath the drain hatch. Transparent sides make checking product level easy. Weather resistant lid design includes a rubber gasket to keep feed dry in most conditions.

Trailer/RV Entry Step 14


Bottomless Feed Bunks


#4 Equi-Licks

This all natural protein, energy, concentrated vitamin, major and trace mineral package contains the AMAFERM ADVANTAGE and is specifically formulated for mature and growing stock horses on roughage.  Adjust intake for energy level needed or when animals are under stress.  It can also be used on cattle.  Provide plenty of drinking water and free choice salt.

TNT Control 30%


#9 Bovine Breeder

This protein, energy, vitamin and mineral package contains AMAFERM and is designed for use on growing and mature cattle being fed grass hay/dry grass pasture, or for mature cattle on very poor quality roughage.  Can be fed to equine.  Do not feed to sheep.  Provide plenty of drinking water and free choice salt.


The key to top performance and weight gain is a healthy digestive and immune system so nutrients can be absorbed properly and infections don't even have a chance!
OLS minerals contain the highest consistency of all natural protein, vitamins, and mineral.  Including, all natural vitamin E, ZINCPRO chelated trace mineral, human grade zinc methionine, and Lacto-Mos.
  Making our OLS product line simply the best tub line available today!

Double Bale Feeder


24ft Free Standing Panel

2 3/8" Pipe
3/4" Rod


Round Bale Feeder

Heavy Duty Pipe

Electric Roping Chute with Remote Headgate

Offers the same great features as the Manual Chute but offers a single button remote headgate.

  • Has a 12V solar power system allowing it to be put anywhere without the need of an air compressor or electric 110V.
  • Headgate can be operated via manual release lever, on-board push button or from remote on horseback.
  • Features  durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

  • 2007 Wacker RT 82 Trench Roller


    For Sale & Rent

    Tarter Hydraulic Squeeze Chute


    WW Hydraulic Chute with Palp Cage


    Portable Trailer Panels

    Portable Trailer Panels

    6' wide x 4' tall, all galvanized construction painted white, panels connect with Velcro straps, set of 8 panels make a 12x12 pen

    Box Blades

    4 ' $649; 5 ' $699; 6 ' $749; 7 ' $879

    Mobile Wash Trailers: Single Axle Trailer


    Includes a 200-gallon water tank and load capacity of 3,500 pounds.

    NEW Shark HPB 35307A Pressure Washer


    NEW Shark STP 352007A Pressure Washer


    NEW Shark STP 20157D Pressure Washer


    Feed Bunks


    Single Spindle - RB Series (Utility)

    6 foot Three-Point Brush Mower

    Hydraulic Wire Winder

    Honda Powered Wire Winder






    Utiltiy Bow Gate


    Utility Round Pen


    Utility Round Pen



    Utility Round Pen



    Utility Round Pen



    Steer Alley Kit 90 Degree


    Steer Alley Kit

    Stripping Chute


    Solar Powered Roping Chute


    Fully Automatic Score Chute


    Fully Automatic Roping Chute


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